Whitwell Education and Heritage Center



Whitwell Heritage Center

The Whitwell Education and Heritage Center is currently raising funds for a building to house all the sites described below.The facility a501c3 will be located on the right after you enter the gates of Whitwell Middle School. The land is paid for. We have an architectural plan. We have some grant money available. Now we need the support of everyone. For more information and to help come to our next meeting at City Hall, 5PM CT, May 23,2023.
Our children and our community need to be aware of our rich Heritage. The educational aspect of this facility will be enormous as the location near all 3 schools would provide not only learning opportunities but also open doors for community service and involvement.
All these sites except the Children's Holocaust Artifacts Museum are in decrepit facilities that are over 70 years old. The Veterans do not even have a place to meet or display their memorabilia. Because the CHM is inside Whitwell Middle School, times when people can visit are very limited. The railcar would remain outside the school.
People who wish to remember their families who worked in or who died in a mining accident may donate $50.00  to have their name inscribed on a plaque to be displayed inside the new Whitwell Coal Miner's Museum. Simply send the Miner's name as you want it on the plaque with a check to the Whitwell Education and Heritage Center.
All donations for the Center should be sent to: 
                        PO Box 125,Whitwell,TN 37397

Orena Humphrey's Public Library.

The Orena Humphreys Public Library will be the first building to be constructed at the new Heritage Project site. In the past, OHPL has been housed in the old Whitwell Middle School. We want to have a new building so that the Orena Humphreys Public Library can continue to serve its patrons in the surrounding communities in a convenient and pleasant environment.

Whitwell Senior Citizens Center
 The Whitwell Senior Citizens Center is currently located in the basement of the Whitwell Coal Mining Museum. Our goal is to construct a new Senior Citizens Center so that they have a safe and convenient place to meet and gather for fellowship and to participate in a variety of activities.

Whitwell Veterans Center

The Whitwell Veterans Center meets on the second Saturday, 9AM at City Hall. We want a new Veterans Center to showcase and celebrate the history of Veterans in our area.

Whitwell Coal Miners' Museum

Located in the former Orena Humphrey Public Library, the Whitwell-Marion County Coal Miners Museum tells the story of underground coal mining, once the primary industry of Marion County. It also brings to life the story of the miners and their work through exhibits and retired coal miners who staff the museum. The museum would be the third building to be constructed at the Heritage Project site.

Children's Holocaust Memorial

The Children's Holocaust Memorial is currently located on the campus of Whitwell Middle School. Our second goal is to relocate the memorial and construct a new museum at the Heritage Project site. This will allow more access to the memorial by the public.



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